A couple of years ago Karlan and I went on a cruise that ended in Boston.  Since we had a little extra time we decided to check out Nantucket Island.  I’m sure some of you might be familiar with it but just in case you haven’t been there, I thought I would fill you in!  We found it so quaint, unique and relaxing. I returned again in hopes to plan a trip for others to enjoy also.

Nantucket (the sister island to Martha’s Vineyard) was the whaling capitol of the 19th century.  Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick after visiting there. The downtown streets and all cobble stone.  You can drive jeeps on the beach while keeping an eye out for seals as you make your way to one of 3 picturesque lighthouses!

The whole area is fascinating especially if you enjoy history.  The whaling museum is high on that list.  The hotel we chose (the Nantucket Hotel) is a block or 2 from downtown making everything accessible with a short walk. There are also bike rentals close by for further exploring. There are many great restaurants and shops. They are all locally owned since there are not any chains there. My favorite restaurant is a pub called “Den of Thieves!”… I like the casual English vibe. Because the island has many nice restaurants they have their own cooking demo/school close by.

If you’re there in the fall they are harvesting cranberries in the middle of the island – (how cool and picturesque is that?!) Picking up fresh produce at Bartlett’s Farm is worth the time as is eating lunch at the picnic tables outside “Something Natural” (yummy sandwiches and homemade cookies)

It is a thriving year-round community unlike Martha’s Vineyard which is only “open” in the summer.  Every time I meet someone who has spent any time there, their comment is always that they love it.

Come a day early or stay an extra day or two in Boston (the birthplace of our independence.)  Plymouth is close by as is Cape Cod.

Nantucket is only a ferry ride from Boston but a world away.  It will be a unique experience that we want to share with all of you. We anticipate a whale of a good time!


Angela Tucker

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